Blackjack strategy

BlackJack is a simple card game that more people play than roulette, dice and baccarat combined. Success in the game primarily depends on luck, but there is also an element of strategies for blackjack. In this article you will learn how to attract Fortune to your side in one of the most popular games. Many novice players are interested in how many decks there is in blackjack. Depending on the casino format, from 4 to 8 decks of cards can be used in this game. The more of them, the less often it will be necessary to wait for the shuffling of cards.

Classic type of game is called multi deck blackjack – a game with several decks. In this case, when receiving cards from 8 decks, the player can count the remaining cards of the same denomination. For example, if in the first hand the dealer placed 3 Aces, this means that there are 29 pieces left in the shoe. In total, this type of game uses 32 cards of the same denomination. There is also a single deck blackjack strategy – this is a type of game where only one deck of 52 cards is used for distribution and is mixed after each session. This game is rarely used in casinos, but much more understandable to beginners. For example, single deck blackjack strategy implies that if 4 Aces fell to the players when the cards were dealt, not a single Ace will appear again. So you can count the cards.

Standard in many casinos in the world uses 8 deck blackjack strategy – it works according to the same principles of the number of cards and the chance of their loss. Try to play yourself or watch the actions of experienced players to get experience in difficult situations. For example, a blackjack hit chart on the result of 12-15 with 10 points at the dealer depends on the cards that are already on the table and were used earlier. If you have a result of 13, you need to make a decision to hit or stand. To do this, look at how many 10 score cards is on table. If there are few of them, then there is a high probability of taking too high a card and losing. Let's look at an example of a situation when not to hit in blackjack:

BlackJack strategy: modern rules for legendary game

The dealer shows his first card worth two, three, four, five or six. Most likely he will lose: as blackjack hit chart says, the dealer have to take cards until he reaches 17 points or more. And the chance of a dealer buying a picture or dozens (cards with ten points) is large enough, they are the most in the deck. Player Actions: According to the advanced blackjack strategy, when the dealer has a card from 2 to 4, a player with 11 points or less should buy cards without the possibility of busting - stopping at 12 and above. And if the dealer shows a card from five to six, a player with ten and eleven points should double.

How to count cards in BlackJack

Among live and online casinos, there can be used blackjack card counting systems. This is a mathematical strategy that helps to make decisions in various difficult situations against the dealer. It involves counting cards of 2-6 and 10 (10, Q, J, K, Ace). How to count blackjack cards simple? When each low card is dropped, we add 1 in the head, and with high cards we subtract 1. The deck is considered good for the game when the result of the calculation is positive. If the ratio of high to low cards is less than zero (many high cards remain in the deck), the player can make higher bets to increase the winnings from a suitable deck. Usually players keep score in their head and make decisions about the bet according to the process.

A deck with a positive score is good. The higher this number, the more profitable the rate becomes. And the higher the amount, the more high cards is in the deck. Remember that the card counting strategy is often considered fraud and you can be disqualified from a casino. Improve your skill and become a true professional in card games. We wish you good luck!


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