Blackjack rules

Many casino lovers from all over the world consider BlackJack to be the most interesting game among all gambling entertainment. Unlike roulette, automatic slots and other forms of entertainment, the result while playing blackjack even depends on player decisions. How to play casino blackjack in your home? A few years ago it seemed to be impossible. Fortune lovers had to go to a casino or even go to another city to get rest at the card table. Now all online casinos provide the ability to play over the Internet – it's easy, convenient and safe.

While learning how to play blackjack, you can spend a lot of time on various guides and rules, but the result of training will definitely bring you pleasure. This game pleases its fans for over 200 years. It appeared in Spain, but soon became an indispensable element of all casinos in America, Europe and the East. In 2019, BlackJack gained immense popularity around the world – every day more and more people are eager to learn how to play Black Jack like a pro. Our site will open many secrets for your successful game.

Main BlackJack rules

We have already talked about standard gaming processes, where the player only needs to choose the bet option: for example, red or black color in roulette or baccarat winner. In the case of BlackJack, the player almost always has the chance to choose the next action to improve his score against the dealer. This is what most fans like – try it yourself. There are some rules of blackjack, which may differ in different countries and types of games. Let's consider the main features of the player after receiving two cards:

  • Make stand (stop at the result of two cards). This is considered correct if you have 17-20 points regardless of the result of the dealer;
  • Make a hit (ask to add a card). You should do this if your result is 11 or less (11 points is the maximum result at which you are guaranteed not lose while adding new card). Also hit is recommended if the dealer has a high card (8-Ace), and your result is not higher than 14-15;
  • Official blackjack rules also allow you to split cards – for example, if you have 8-8 and dealer has a low card. So you have a good chance to get 18 or more on each hand and win a double prize;
  • Double your bet. Suppose you have a result of 9-11, and the dealer has a low card, you can double the bet size and have a high chance of getting a result of 19-21 and defeating your dealer.

There are several strategies for improving the game that professionals can use, but usually this does not end in success. You should also know what hard and soft mean in blackjack. For example, the dealer gave you Ace and 5 – in this case, you have soft 16, because Ace can give 1 or 11 score, depending on the player’s result. It has great benefit, and in the case of soft 16 and other similar results, you are guaranteed not to lose, even if you take 10 score card. Standard blackjack rules imply that if you bust after a soft result, your result becomes hard. For example, you have soft 16 and a new card – 10, jack, queen or king. Now you have a hard 16.

How to win at BlackJack: are there any exact strategies?

Do not think that in the 200 years of existence of this game you are lucky to find a permanent win strategy and make a huge fortune from it. The best way to win at blackjack is to stick to the advice of experienced players and constantly improve your skill. In the fight against fortune there are no definite winners – no one guarantees you future wins. However, you are able to get into the hall of fame of outstanding players who can win at blackjack without counting cards and other prohibited methods. We will help you to quickly get acquainted with the legendary game of chance and become a true professional, who will soon learn all the secrets and keys.


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